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Registration Guidelines:

Payment Information

We prefer payment in Mexican pesos via PayPal or in cash.  Please note that there are no reliable ATMs in Mazunte; the nearest banks are in Pochutla, about 30 minutes away. We strongly suggest you change enough money before coming to Mazunte to avoid having to make a special trip to town. There are ATMs at both Puerto Escondido and Huatulco airports, as well as in all major Mexican cities.


Hridaya is dedicated to making its programs accessible to all, while still acknowledging the significant financial needs of running a full-time yoga and meditation center. Our regular price is what it actually costs to run our center and provide our programs.

We offer a low-income discount for people who cannot pay the regular price due to financial hardship. When you ask to pay for courses at this level, you are attesting that you have need and are truthfully representing your financial situation. As this rate is less than what it actually takes us to run the center, we ask that you not take advantage of it unless it is necessary.

A student once told us “it is so great that you have a low-income discount, now I will have more money to pay for my trip to Cancún.” This is not the spirit in which this discount is offered. Another student accepted the low-income discount because he did not have an income at the time, but we later found out he had over $100,000 USD in savings. This is also not the spirit in which the discount is offered.

The value of the teachings offered at Hridaya Yoga cannot be quantified in material terms. And, we would propose that skimping on paying for spiritual teachings is not conducive to your practice. So, before you take advantage of the low-income discount, we ask that you thoughtfully evaluate your financial situation, download this application, and submit it to If you genuinely have need, we will be happy to extend the discount to you. Just ask for it in truthfulness and integrity and it will be granted.

We also recognize that some people have the financial resources to allow them to support the spiritual work of those with fewer financial resources, and we welcome donations. All “supporting price” donations will be used to assist us in offering discounts to needy students. Please consider whether you can give more in order to support the practice of everyone in our community regardless of financial situation.

Hridaya Yoga Retreat, Module 1 Intensive

  • Your first day of Module 1 is free!
  • Fees for one day of Module 1 include two Hatha Yoga classes and an evening lecture.
  • Weekly/monthly discounts are available for Module 1! Please see the Price List for more information.
  • All Module 1 students must register prior to each class attended.
  • To receive the Module 1 graduation certificate you must: have attended a minimum of 16 full days (all 3 classes each day) and have paid in full for the entire course (21 days).
  • Graduates of Module 1 may repeat classes on a donation basis. Note that attendance of Module 1 classes as a repeating student depends on availability.
  • Module 1 students who have completed Agama Yoga’s Level 1 Intensive Course are eligible for the Agama Discount. Please note that the fee for course booklets is not included in the discount price. Please email us for more information.
  • New students enrolled in Module 1 receive complimentary printed course papers for each day they attend the course. If they pay for the full month in advance, they will receive a booklet of the entire set of daily course papers. Students enrolled at the Agama graduate discount rate may purchase papers for $10 MXN per day attended, or, if they attend at least 12 days, may purchase the daily course booklet for $170 MXN.
  • Module 1 students who missed part of the course may buy two sets of papers for each instructional week during which they attended the course (for example, if they complete Week 2, they may purchase papers for two days of Week 1). Students who attend at least 12 days of Module 1 may purchase the daily course paper booklet for $170 MXN.
  • In addition to daily course papers, a book of Module 1 evening lectures is available for purchase at the Registration Kiosk and on

Hridaya Yoga Retreat, Modules 2 and up

  • Beginning in Module 2, full payment for the entire course is required upon registration.
  • The course fee for each module includes a booklet of course papers.
  • To graduate from Module 2, you must have attended at least 10 full course days.
  • To graduate from Modules 3 and up, you must have attended a minimum of 8 classes.
  • Students may repeat classes in any Hridaya Module from which they have graduated on a donation basis. Note that attendance of Module classes as a repeating student depends on availability.

Workshop and Meditation Retreat Fees and Notices

  • Students who enroll in one 10-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat at the regular price will be given a 400-peso discount on all subsequent 10-day meditation retreats attended in the same calendar year.
  • Students who attend workshops at the Hridaya Yoga Center may repeat the same workshop when offered again for a 50% reduction in price. (For example, if you attended the Art of Awareness workshop in February 2016, you may repeat it in 2017 for half price.) Please note that this discount applies only to workshops first attended in Mazunte.
  • We sometimes offer discounts for couples attending our Tantra workshops. Please contact our Registration Kiosk for more information.
  • Silent Meditation Retreat participants must attend the Retreat Orientation Session held the day prior to the start of the retreat. It is not possible to register for retreats after this session.

Refund Guidelines

Refunds for Courses, Workshops, and Silent Meditation Retreats:

  • There are no refunds for Module 1 classes that were paid and already took place. However, we understand that plans sometimes change. In such cases, if you would like to withdraw from the course you will be charged until the end of the course week in which you give your notification of withdrawal (the course week runs Monday to Saturday). A refund will then be issued for the remainder of the course.
  • There are no refunds for Modules 2 and up once a course has started, but any classes missed may be attended at a later time.
  • If you cancel your registration in a course, workshop, or retreat 7 days prior to the course start you will receive a full refund. After this 7-day notice period, you may still cancel your enrollment, but a $1000 MXN administrative fee will be charged.
  • Except in cases of medical emergency, there are no refunds given for workshops or meditation retreats once the course has started.

Refunds for Accommodation:

  • A full refund will be given if you cancel at least 14 days before check-in. If you cancel your reservation fewer than 14 days before check-in, the $1000 MXN accommodation deposit will be held.
  • If you cancel your reservation after arrival at the Hridaya Yoga Center, you will be charged the nightly rate for any nights stayed plus 50% of the remaining booking total.

Refunds for Meals:

  • There are no refunds of weekly meal passes except in cases of medical emergency.
  • There are no refunds for meals during Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats except in cases of medical emergency.
  • If you have purchased a monthly meal pass, you may cancel it with 7 days warning and receive a refund for any remaining meals. Note that the refund will be calculated based on the daily meal rate.
  • Except in cases of medical emergency, you may not transfer pre-paid meals to future dates.