Message from Sahajananda to the Hridaya Sangha

Sun gazing

Dear Friends,

We aspire to create a center in Europe where the Hridaya Yoga teachings can be offered.

We chose to name the project “Ramana Village” in order to honor the teachings and wisdom of the great master of non-duality, Ramana Maharshi.

The intention is to create a community that would include a residential ashram and enough space for sustainable development. Many Hridaya students and teachers have expressed their wish to live, to have families, and to let go their identifications in such a spiritual environment.

Enough land would be needed to accommodate:

– Halls for meditation retreats, yoga courses, workshops, and other spiritual events.

– A more remote area with cabins for solitary retreats.

– Permaculture and a sustainable way of living on planet earth.

– A residential area.

– A communal space for activities and shared facilities.

– An area for projects and endeavors that that could provide services for the community while supporting it.

This is going to be a nonprofit organization. Our aspiration is to offer teachings about meditation, yoga, and the Consciousness of Oneness, and to create the conditions to support the revelation of the Spiritual Heart.

The funds that we have now are not enough to complete such a project, but we trust that there will be help, donations, and contributions of different types.

At this time, we do have the ability to purchase the land and to start building.

Our Hridaya teacher Dominik has already expressed his willingness to invest in this project.

The intention is pure and we are sure that if this project is meant to be, it will be…

How you can help Ramana Village

To start with, I ask all the Hridaya Community for support in finding an ideal location. Any advice or input regarding the location is welcome and any other help connected to this stage of the project would be greatly appreciated.

Our location of choice is Portugal (in the state of Algarve, Alentejo, or in the North), but we keep an openness for any possibility in Europe. The decision will not be made according to a personal preference, but through an aspiration to honor these teachings.

This purpose of this letter is not only to ask for support, but also to share with all of you the joy and enthusiasm of this vision.

Our Hridaya headquarters in Mazunte, Mexico will continue its activity as usual.  This new project will not diminish the amount of attention and care we give to the center in Mazunte and we will put in the effort required for both of them to blossom.

May this be for the spiritual benefit of All!

With Love and Trust,


Donate to Ramana Village

If you would like to support this vision, please consider making a donation. You may find more information and make a donation here.

Thank you!