The Heart Centre warmly invites you to improve the health and well-being of your body, mind and soul through the wonderful gifts of yoga and meditation. Naz Khakoo, a certified Hridaya Yoga and Meditation teacher, promises that:

‘Practicing meditation/yoga will inevitably allow you to ‘Know thyself’ (as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle would say!). You will be guided through a wonderful process in order to drop from the busy, overactive mind, into the realms and mystery of your heart. Here you will find so much potential and beauty! The potential of getting to know your true incredible self…’

There are so many benefits that can be achieved along the way too! Here are just a few that The Heart Centre Yoga and Meditation classes can offer you:

– reduces stress and worry  – improves sleep
– increase in happy hormones  –  increase in overall bodily health
– improves relationships  –  relaxed body and mind
– better ability to handle challenges of daily life  –  physical and mental strength
– increases flexibility  –  emotional stability

Details about The Heart Centre:

Location: London, Milton Keynes, and all over the UK
Teacher: Naz Khakoo
What it offers: Hridaya Yoga Classes, Hridaya Meditation Classes, Hridaya Workshops and retreats.
Facebook Page:
Contact: email:
Tel: (+44) 07763610864