Mahadevi Ashram is a peaceful haven for spiritual study & practice with a vibrant and inspiring community of like-minded souls, providing beneficial surroundings and a sacred atmosphere to explore the Inner Workings of Existence through the Fire of Transformation known as The Great Goddess.

The Ashram’s eco-friendly enchanting environment of bamboo and earth architecture is set in a lush jungly garden by a lovely creek above Lake Atitlan with its three majestic volcanos. The tropical climate of Guatemala affords us comfortable temperatures of about 24ºC (75ºF) year-round. Main season is November-April, with the rest of the year being quiter (and greener).

The Mayan heartland of “Grandma Atitlan” as the local indigenous population calls it is an ideal high-vibrational vortex to dive deeply into matters of Spirit and Truth.

Mahadevi Ashram’s offerings include:

Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats (by donation)
Hridaya Hatha Yoga Classes and Intensives
Dark Retreat Dome (for advanced individual immersion of shorter or longer duration)
Bhajan & Kirtan circles (Indian devotional singing)
Karma Yoga Opportunities (longer term)
Workshops and Special Events

More information can be found at:

mahadevi hridaya yoga guatemala