anuttara ashram hridaya yoga

Anuttara Ashram is an off-grid, spiritually intentioned community tucked in the mountains of the sacred Nass Valley, BC, Canada. A team of aspirants has co-created an inspirational space of spiritual dedication and growth. As an ongoing initiative, Hridaya Yoga Classes, Meditations and Retreats are provided, as well as a transformative Karma Yoga Program.

In the stillness of the Nass, Nirav brings the Hridaya teachings of Sahajananda into every day life at Anuttara. Surrounded by old growth forest, mountains, waterfalls and cliffs, days are filled with karma yoga opportunities, meditation, hatha yoga, relevant teachings, Q&A’s and a simple “back to basics” lifestyle. Food served is vegetarian/vegan, accommodations are in cabins, dormitories and/or tents. There is a maximum of 25 participants. Book your space now!

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