advaita vedanta; ramana maharshi; self-enquiry; spandaSahajananda, the main founder of Hridaya Yoga, is a meditation and hatha yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience. His message conveys the non-dual tantric teachings. An engineer in electronics by education, Sahajananda started practicing yoga and meditation in 1981, the year in which yoga was banned in Communist Romania. This fact only brought him more depth, determination, and spiritual aspiration.

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Antoaneta Gotea

Antoaneta GoteaAntoaneta Maria Gotea was born in July 1972, in Bucharest, Romania. The memories from her early age about her father practicing complicated physical exercises (known in yoga as uddiyana bandha) and unusual breathing (pranayama) synergistically connected with her mother’s teachings about the existence of subtle bodies and reincarnation, and this blossomed later in a genuine spiritual aspiration. Read more

Claudiu Vaduva

Claudiu VaduvaClaudiu Vaduva, a Romanian-born Leo, moved to New York City in his adolescent years, growing up there and becoming a US citizen. An engineer by schooling but recent computer geek by employment, he feels compelled to teach Yoga to those who are seeking spiritualization of their lives. Growth and evolution are his big motivators, both for himself and for others. Read more

Nicholas Currie

Born in Canada in an intentional community called L’Arche, Nicholas has always felt a deep calling towards community living and a life dedicated to service. In 2007, while traveling in India, he first stumbled upon the deep tradition of Yoga at a school called Agama and then began an intense sadhana (spiritual practice) which began to unravel some of the great mysteries he had always contemplated as a child. Read more

Adam Caplan

Adam CaplanAdam Caplan began practicing yoga in high school as a means of improving flexibility to enhance athletic performance. What started out as an experiment with a supplemental stretching routine eventually evolved into a conscious quest for Truth. Motivated by the feeling that “there is something more out there,” Adam studied and practiced many different styles of yoga and a variety of different types of meditation. Read more

Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi)

Adina is aAdina-photon introverted Leo who has dedicated her life to self-realisation, helping and guiding others and bringing the Truth into the world. Adina has studied Meditation since 1992, and Yoga since 1998 – after years of spontaneous yoga practice and introspection through her entire childhood, the feeling of “being guided” from a subtle plane of existence, super-conscious awareness, dedication to righteousness, the sense of sacredness and Divine Grace.

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Alison Bond

Profile Alison Bond When Alison first came to yoga for its health benefits in 2010, she has no idea that the profound spiritual path unfolding before her would become her life’s calling! It is Alison’s passion to share the yogic teachings and the message of the Heart with all those who seek Truth. A Truth-seeker herself, Alison’s path led her to schools and teachers in India, Thailand, Canada, and Mexico, where she explores the deep reality that yoga and meditation point us toward.
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Andreas Daum

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.27.38 PM

Andreas Daum is a meditation and hatha yoga teacher at Hridaya Yoga and currently serves as the Program Manager of the school.

In 2014, he started to teach the Module 1 Intensive at the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mexico. He then led 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats during the summer season. Since then, he has offered yoga classes in the Canary Islands of Spain and taught multiple meditation retreats in the Sacred Valley in Peru and at Lake Titicaca.

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Allie Reece

Aliie-bio-picAllie first started practicing yoga as a way to clean up her mind and heal her heart. From the beginning, she intuitively knew that yoga would help but she never imagined that she had stumbled upon a sacred jewel that would change her life forever. With practice, Allie improved her focus and concentration, and she was pleased to discover that yoga provided her with so much more: her mental attitude shifted, she felt in harmony with everything around her and she became more centered and grounded. It was as though she had finally found what she was looking for. Read more


arjuna_172Arjuna grew up behind the Berlin Wall and followed an academic career until taking his first Vipassana course in 1998, which made him realize what there really is to explore – the essence of who we ultimately are beyond all appearances. Getting into Yoga soon after and studying different styles while traveling the world for twelve years gave rise to the vision of establishing a spiritual education center. Read more

Ava Irani

ava_irani Ava first came across spiritually through a Buddhist teacher by chance (as it usually happens) in Sydney, Australia when she was 22. Although she was always thirsty for something greater, more profound, her entire life, she wasn’t ripe for any spiritual path until she came across Master Behram Ghista. Through his simple ‘self-help’ discourse with a Buddhist foundation, she found herself intensely and irreversible attracted to spirituality, beauty and evolution. Read more

Beata Kucienska

Beata Kucienska2While looking for meaning, I studied clouds, lightning, children’s stories and secrets in the eyes of cats. I came to Mexico City for one year to work as a volunteer and stayed ten years because of love. Mexico turned out to be a universe impossible to understand and my heart expanded by learning to love without understanding. I found Hridaya Yoga “by accident” and this encounter resulted in a revolution. Read more

Burkhard Langemann

burkhard_langemannBurkhard’s passion is the integration of spirituality and science. A unified understanding of Eastern and Western Philosophies is the focus of his personal practice and academic research. He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Alternative Education from the Free University of Berlin, where his thorough exploration of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory culminated in a thesis in Holistic Development. Read more

Chris Van Der Weide

Chris works as a movement and dance facilitator around the globe. She facilitates women’s groups as well as tantra and dance workshops. She also works as a freelance performance artist. Through the years, she has had the privilege to study with some of the finest spiritual/movement pioneers in the world, and consequently incorporates aspects of Eastern Philosophy, Sufism, Yoga, SkyDancing Tantra, and a diverse range of movement practices in her teaching. Read more

Craig White

Craig is originally from Northern England and has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2007. During his first 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat with Sahajananda in 2010 Craig experienced a deep peak experience that changed his life. During the practice of meditation he felt like his chest was being ripped open and an endless stream of love and compassion flowed from his heart. Since that time, he has aspired to be a Hridaya Teacher and he completed the Hridaya Teacher Training Course (HTTC) in December 2013. Read more

Cristina Espinosa

cris_espinoza Cristina’s been practicing hatha yoga since the age of 15 but her interests include  mountaineering, african dance and photography. She grew up in Mexico City and the need to connect to the natural forces of life guided her to study Biology.

Working with NGO’s and trying to save the jaguar and other endangered species in Mexico was her goal and motivator for a few years, until an understanding that the true change towards the environment and respect for every aspect of creation had to come from within the individual, and the outer world was the reflection of our inner state of mind. Read more

David Coleman

david-coleman-hridaya-yogaDavid’s spiritual journey began at a young age, with a deep intuition and longing for a connection to Truth. It was only when he came to Mazunte and first experienced the Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat that he really connected to the truth of the non-dual teachings and the truth within himself. Read more

Dee Lee

A prophetic dream led Dee to magical Lake Atitlán, Guatemala in 2012. Her journey was accelerated through metaphysical experiences in extended silence while meditating upon the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Through even more Grace, she discovered the Hridaya Yoga Center two years later. The profound non-dual teachings put her experiences into perspective by helping her discover the Stillness that is her True Nature. She described her first experience of a Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat as feeling “like a kid in a spiritual candy store.” Read more

Dominik R. Graef

Dominik, a Taurus, was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Southeast Austria. After watching a documentary about Shaolin monks in elementary school, he became fascinated by the power of spiritual practice. At an early age, Dominik began to explore and practice energy work. Through his practice and by studying plant medicines, reading inspirational books, and attending seminars with spiritual teachers in the West, he has learned that he is more than just the physical body. Read more

Enrique Fedez

Enrique is an international meditation and yoga teacher, member of the Hridaya Yoga community, and founder of Casa Hridaya in Mexico City. He shares the teachings he has received from his teachers and his different practices.

He started his meditation practice with yearly Vipassana retreats (under the teachings shared by S.N. Goenka). He continued this practice for many years, which allowed him to integrate meditation into his daily life while he was working as a marketing and media director in the multinational corporate scene. Read more

Esther Greter

Esther-bio-pictureEsther grew up in a little village in the heart of Switzerland where she spent most of her time in the fields and forests of the area either on the back of a horse or adventuring with her dog.  She remembers that even at a very young age she was struck again and again by the beauty of nature and life in general and found herself wondering about her existence on this earth. She calls her grandmother with whom she grew up her first spiritual teacher and role model, a real inspiration for true devotion to God and conscious living. Read more

Georgian Cernat

georgian-cernat-hridaya-yogaBefore finding yoga, Georgian earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, became a massage therapist, and trained in martial arts, kickboxing, swimming, basketball, and chess. Inspired to begin studying yoga by his uncle, he practiced for seven years at MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) in Romania. He spent a further four-and-a-half years residing at an ashram in Romania, deepening his practice of karma yoga, hatha yoga, and meditation. Read more

Giselle Trimmer

giselleIt was death that finally brought Giselle into the path of service. One day, she found herself at a point in her life where she was continuously daydreaming about all the things she would do once she finished what she thought she was expected to do by society and, ultimately, by the mind-construct she so profoundly identified with. Read more

Ilaria Antonietti

new-pic-ilariaSince childhood, Ilaria has felt a calling in her heart and a connection with the Divine Mother. While she was attending courses at ‘Association ASIA’ in Bologna in 2004, she came across yoga and meditation and this strong experience altered her life path. Read more

Iris Arco

iris arcoMy name is Iris. Everything I did in my life was to bring me closer to the truth, to love, to the perception of oneness. I am practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Healing, Pre-and Perinatal-Birth and Attachment Therapy, and of course Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Meditation. But really, beyond all this, I just am.

Ingrid Goudsmit

ingrid-bio-picture-2Ingrid held a strong interest in Buddhism and Shamanism as a young girl but it was not until 2002 that she started practicing Zen with Jeroen Witkam, a Zen master and Benedictine monk in Zundert, Holland. In 2004, after pursuing a degree and career in Communications, she decided to travel the world where she ‘by coincidence’ encountered the Agama International Yoga School in Thailand. Read more

Jasmin Clark

Jasmin-bio-pictureJasmin’s spiritual path started at a very young age when she was sent to attend a Rudolf Steiner Waldorf school, where she cultivated an appreciation for the beauty of life, an innocent wonderment of this dream, creativity and an understanding of the beauty of our individual expressions of the Divine. These lessons of her childhood have guided her whole life. She has spent her years with nature as her close friend and teacher and has found great wisdom in the ocean. Read more

Juliane Bauer

Juliane-bio-picture (1) “Accepting with Love ‘what is, as it is.'” Juliane grew up between the Austrian mountains and the beautiful German countryside of Munich. Since childhood she felt a natural deep connection with the divine consciousness. She studied Art, Fashion- and Graphic design and works as a designer, many years in Florence and now all around the world. Read more

Juliette Salas

Juliette-bio-pictureJuliette’s first teacher (from age 2) was her father, Alexander, who led bedside prayers in the dark evoking Jesus, the Divine Mother and the Consciousness of Oneness.  From a young age she has been sensitive to boundaries and barriers that have been placed across religions, cultures and humanity itself.   She is rebellious by nature and has spent most of her life in contemplating duality both within herself and the world.  Read more

Justine Baruch

justine-bio-pictureA ten day silent vipassana retreat was Justine’s first introduction into meditation and it was love at first sight. She comes from a long line of doers (people who like to be very active and don’t know how to sit still), therefore the concept sitting and quieting the mind was quite foreign. However, when the stillness finally came, it swept Justine off her feet and she has now committed to a life-long partnership. Read more

Keith McGuinnes

keithKeith, a Leo, resides in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States. He grew up in upstate New York, graduating from Syracuse University with a Computer Science degree and subsequently beginning a career as an engineer for IBM. Before discovering the spiritual path, he always had a strong drive to “figure things out,” which early in his life meant pursuing academic knowledge and worldly success. For more than eight years, Keith explored a variety of positions within IBM and concluded those years by earning an MBA from the University of Denver. Read more

Kilian Hübinger


Kilian Hübinger found his first vocation in life in music, and it was only after finishing university studies with a degree in Jazz Saxophone, when he felt the calling to consciously explore the more fundamental questions of life. During extended travels he opened his heart to the beauty in manifestation and to the deeper conditions of human existence. In 2008 his way led him to study yoga with Agama Yoga in Rishikesh, India. Pursuing his practice he noticed powerful transformations taking place in his being, and consequently the wish arose to share these teachings with others. Read more

Kirsten Reiss

kirsten-reiss-45288_158x203Kirsten studied Architecture and Art History in Berlin. She later founded a development aid organization and traveled extensively in Asia and Latin America. In 2001, she discovered yoga and began a dedicated practice in a Sivananda Yoga Ashram in India. This experience was followed by a comprehensive three-year education in hatha and kundalini yoga with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati which introduced her to the more subtle aspects of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, and yogic philosophy. Read more

Krista Novakowski

Krista-bio-picKrista began her studies of Yoga and Meditation in her homeland of Canada. She has always been fascinated with the potential of awakening to our Essential Nature. She began her studies with Agama in 2006 and lived in the yogic community in Thailand until 2011 studying Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism. Read more

Kyle Brooks

kyle-brooks-hridaya-yogaKyle’s spiritual seeking and aspiration to find a deeper Truth began when he was just a 15-year-old boy studying Buddhism in England. After traveling to Peru in 2013 to work with plant medicines, he met Sahajananda. Kyle connected very deeply with the teachings during his first Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. Read more

Latifa (Alejandra Fonseca)

CAM00818-002Latifa’s aspiration for spiritual growth has inspired her to deepen in the yogic and tantric teachings. The need of Self-understanding and healing brought her to have her first approach to spirituality and non-dual teachings from a group of essenian mexican healers from Cuernavaca. With the essenians she discovered her passion for natural healing, the mysteries of the soul, energies and self-awareness. This was her invitation to Yoga.
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Lindsay Samuels

lindsay-samuels-hridaya-yogaAfter practicing yoga and meditation for several years, when Lindsay encountered the Hridaya practice of focusing on the Heart she discovered a deeper purpose in life. In 2013, Lindsay attended a hatha yoga teacher training course in Baja California, Mexico and later taught yoga and personal retreats in Costa Rica. She completed the Hridaya Teacher Training Course in 2015.

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Liviu Gheorghe

Liviu Gheorghe graduated from the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, Department of Computers, in 1986. His first spiritual experiences related to the expansion of consciousness were at the age of 16 when he was studying Christian doctrine and, later, Buddhism.

He started studying and practicing yoga and meditation in high school and began to teach yoga in 1991 in three Romanian towns: Bucharest, Constanta, and Brasov.

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Luna Cabasés Corral

luna-cabases-corral-hridaya-yoga2Originally from Spain, Luna has been sharing the Hridaya teachings informally since she first discovered them in 2012. A profound fascination with the non-dual teachings and a burning longing to directly experience their truth led her to deepen her practice and join the Hridaya Teacher Training Course in 2014. She now teaches with the certainty that life can be lived from the Heart, in full openness, and with a loving desire for all sentient beings to reveal their real nature, to come into the fullness of who they truly are. Read more

Maeioum Martínez

CAM00818-002Hello! My name is Maeioum, I was born this lifetime in Mexico, I speak Spanish and English.

I was blessed to have a mother who was into metaphysics so the spiritual dimension of life was part of my vision since I was a child, and it became apparent for me that nature has many clues on how to connect with ourselves, in a way that powerful feelings arises within stirring up a longing oneness and an understanding of life. Read more

Malgorzata Szostakiewicz

gosia-s-hridaya-yogaTeacher, Meditator, Explorer, Woman. Her Home is where her Heart is.
In 2013, Gosia (short for Malgorzata) took a major turn to free herself from preconceived ideas of what life should look like. She took a career break from a successful corporate life to find her true passion and a new recipe for life. Read more

Maribel González Tato


Maribel spent several years working for the most important Law firms in Spain as an International Tax Advisor after receiving a Master degree in business Law. Though she enjoyed this experience she felt something was missing and after a few months of yoga and meditation a deep calling prompted a huge life change and transformation. Maribel quit her career as a Lawyer to work as a volunteer with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, the order founded by Mother Teresa.
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Naomi Carla White

When Naomi first discovered Hridaya Yoga through a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in 2011, she had the profound feeling that she had finally come home. At that time, she was about to embark on further university study back in New Zealand, but maintained a quiet confidence that her path would lead her back to Hridaya. Read more

Niamh Kavanagh


The romantic surroundings of Celtic nature during Niamh’s childhood evoked reflections on the wonders of our existence. Though this echoed throughout her life, it wasn’t until 2000 Niamh became fully conscious of her spiritual path, at which point she embarked on a transformative journey. Involved in an artistic background at the time this significant transition became life changing, since she eventually directed all her creative intuitions toward a spiritual path. Read more

Om, Ricardo Cristovao

Prem-Om-bio-picOm (Ricardo Cristovao) was born in Portugal, star sign Aquarius, in 1979. Youngest son of 10 children, he always had many influences and visions of what life is and what it should be, but was never satisfied by these small definitions of Life. Read more

Paige Munro

paige-munro-hridaya-yogaAustralian born and raised in the Outback, Paige has always felt deeply connected to the earth. She has a background in psychology and counseling, and is a perseverant seeker of Truth. She first fell in love with Hridaya during a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat with Sahajananda in 2012.
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Radha Ive

radha-ive-keva-hridaya-yogaRadha is a Hridaya Yoga teacher and meditation practitioner who has spent many years living in our community in Mazunte, Mexico learning directly from Sahajananda. Inspired by the depth of the teachings, Radha has held space and taught daily hatha yoga classes, 3- to 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats, and meditation workshops in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bulgaria, Norway, and New Zealand. Read more

Sean Goldberg

Sean-bio-pic-1Sean first came to yoga in 2006, though he has spent much of his life in Self Enquiry. His search started at a young age due to an intense yearning to understand what happens when we die. Over time this search led him to Hridaya and Agama yoga, first in Thailand then India and Mexico. Read more

Sebastian Teodor


Sebastian Teodor found the attraction to spirituality in middle school. In high school, expressing his desire to learn yoga, he studied any book in the field which appeared in Romania and at 16, he started to practice yoga and meditation with Simona Trandafir in Brasov.

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Stephan “Lakshman” Oesterreicher

Lakshman-pic-53002_203x203Born and raised in southern Germany, Stephan Oesterreicher, began walking his spiritual path right after graduating from high school. It was then that he began traveling the world in pursuit of deepening his awakening and following the calling of his heart. His path has taken him to over 40 countries – Nepal, India, Thailand, Romania, Canada, Ireland, England, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and the United States – to name a few. Read more

Simona Trandafir

simona-trandafirSimona Trandafir has been a spiritual teacher since 1985. During this time she has inspired and coordinated large groups of yogis. She is an experienced yoga teacher, as acknowledged by Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500).

Even though she is a graduate of the Automation and Computers University, she felt that her entire life should be dedicated to opening people’s hearts towards the inherent beauty of existence. This is what she was called to do since she was 12, and she now continues her mission.  Read more

Tamara Coughlan

tamaraTamara stumbled across Hridaya by walking past the school in Mazunte, Mexico one day. Her heart had called her. She had been travelling, deepening & searching for “something more” whilst exploring around the world.

She completed the Hridaya Teacher Training in 2013 to deepen her own practice & to open her heart further, however she could not deny sharing the teachings of Hridaya & is now beginning to teach in her home land of Australia. Read more

Tiffany Nicholson-Smith Nicholson-Smith, a radiant yogini, lover of life and devotee to service, brings her clarity, abundant energy and aspiration for truth into everything she commits herself to. Her interests span the globe and all aspects of life, encompassing any teachings and knowledge that will contribute to the growth of her heart and always with a consideration for the benefit of all those she touches.   Read more

Uma Esmeralda Ritstier

Since stepping on the path of Hridaya in 2013, the Heart has been Uma Esmeralda’s guide. It taught her to trust and open more and more to what is here right now. It has been a journey of going deeper in the quest of “Who am I?” and seeing how the magic of life unfolds in wonderful ways. Uma Esmeralda speaks about it as doors opening that she had never known existed. It has brought the release of layers that no longer serve her. Read more

Veronica Cernat

veronica-cernatVeronica Cernat, born under the sign of Leo, graduated in Forestry from the University of Brasov, Romania. She has been practicing yoga since 1991 and teaching yoga since 2004.

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Weston Wood


From childhood, Weston felt a yearning to explore and challenge the world he lived in. At age 18, driven by a dissatisfaction for materialistic society, he began exploring the earth, observing culture and lifestyle on six of the seven continents. Upon discovering meditation in 2009, the realization finally appeared that the greatest exploration to be done… is not external but internal. Read more

Will Allen

yoga mexicoIn 2010, Will gave up his apartment, many of his belongings and a budding career as a mechanical engineer in order to travel the world. He left everything he knew, unsure of what he was looking for, and unsure of what he would find. After nine months of relaxing, enjoying himself and going on adventures, he spent some time at a remote Buddhist meditation retreat center in India. Although his interest in spirituality was not yet piqued, he was deeply touched by the experience, received unexpected emotional healing, and began to value generosity and compassion more than success in career, financial wealth or social status.
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