Seven Weeks in a Silent Meditation Retreat: A Song of the Heart

A Reflection on the 49-Day Prathyabhijna Retreat By Beata Kucienska   The trees are wavering between life and death. They are touching the ineffable. They grow somewhere between time and the timeless. They guide me beyond myself. In this house made of hard matter, windows to wonderland appear. Silence is a broom that sweeps away […]

self healing

A Journey of Self-Healing: Releasing an Ovarian Cyst

By Niamh Kavanagh “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” –Rumi Listening to the Body When I sensed I had an ovarian cyst, my first step was to validate my self-diagnosis with a medical one. Once confirmed through ultrasound, my next step was to explore […]

men's circels

Men’s Circles: A Gathering of Men

By Craig White A Short Poetic Journey through Men’s Circles The circle is prepared A sense of sacredness prevails Stillness, silence, potential, wisdom A space fit for kings The men start to arrive One by one they sit in silence Like jewels covered in dust Light shining through darkness The last man arrives A jigsaw […]

Tantric Rituals: Yoni Puja

By Antoaneta Gotea   According to Tantra, all of creation is a play between Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (the energy or power of consciousness). Of course, consciousness and its energy are inseparable. This distinction is merely a convenient way to comprehend the incomprehensible. In Shaktism, the ultimate Truth (the Absolute) is seen as the Supreme […]

Karma Yoga-What Else

Karma Yoga, What Else?

By Uma Esmeralda Ritstier Loving for the Sake of Love “You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” –Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (IV:4:5) Tiptoeing into an environment that offers the invitation to live […]

Motherhood and Self-Enquiry

Motherhood and Self-Enquiry

By Emma Carruthers As I run a meditation center and mostly encounter spiritual practitioners in my daily life, I am often asked: “how is your practice now that you have a baby?” The answer to this question has become clearer to me through its frequent repetition… “That depends on what practice means to you,” I […]

The Howl of Presence

The Howl of Presence

By Uma Esmeralda Ritstier Fully trusting the wave that is flowing through me and the ever-present mood it stirs up, Completely trusting the natural rhythm of my Being, Trusting the Heart of who I am and what it expresses in this moment, Being, without doing, It’s okay to rest in ease, To see the mind […]

The Value of Patience in Understanding People

The Value of Patience in Understanding People and Developing Spiritual Relationships

By Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi) In view of living with Pure Intention and an Open Heart, it is useful to learn to cultivate patience in learning how to perceive and relate to people in a way that is free from stereotypes, samskaras (unconscious impressions), and projections. We live in a world that is driven by […]

tantric rituals

Tantric Rituals

By Prem Nirav Tantra is often understood as the web of life in which the Divine connects all beings and things—in this world and in all galaxies and universes, in manifestation and beyond. Tantra can allow us to integrate life into spirituality so that we live in peace and harmony with ourselves and those around […]

The Spine of the Night

The Spine of the Night

By Chris van der Weide We walk without sight On the spine of the night Despite the fright that every ever-so-slight misstep might slide Might slip, flip, whip, and dip Our hearts in the vast unknown In the never before shown Infinite space, in which no trace Of past exists No maps, no routes, no […]

meditation benefits

Benefits of Meditation Practice

By Dominique Didinal   “OH, MY GOODNESS—How are you staying so calm??!?!! I would be so panicked if I were you!” Says one of my friends, not overly reassuringly… I’m on a tropical island paradise approximately 6000 miles from home and unable to walk properly because of a severe sea urchin sting on the sole […]

Psychology and Spirituality

Psychology and Spirituality: Mutually Exclusive or Two Sides of the Same Coin?

By Naomi White Blending Psychology and Spirituality I’ve been met with both gratitude and curiosity as the Hridaya Yoga School Psychologist: gratitude that I’m here doing this work and curiosity about why. How can we come from a non-dual perspective, knowing that all is one and life is but a dream, while also endorsing detailed […]

Surrender to Grace: Learning to Trust

By Dee Lee I was trying to nap in the back seat when the car hit the barrier and started to skid. Instead of the predictable survival response of fight-or-flight, a much deeper impulse arose. The mind went blank and, with eyes still closed, I heard myself calmly utter: “Your will, not mine.” A simple, […]

Integrating Daily Life into Spirituality

Integrating Daily Life into Spirituality

By Uma Esmeralda Ritstier   You just had a life-altering experience that turned your world upside down. It made you look at life from a whole new perspective. Suddenly, you experience things differently. You start living life inside out, instead of the other way around. Maybe you just entered your first (second, third, or more) […]